Historical Lahaska United Methodist Church in Bucks County, Pennsylvania (PA)
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Welcome to the Lahaska United Methodist Church!


Jesus is the earthly face of GodTime to welcome God’s love. 

God is not about rules, laws, and being perfect but about relationships and spiritual growth.  When we read the Gospel Story, Jesus is the fulfillment of the law and the messenger of God's love and spiritual abundance.  Clearly, the will of God for us is health, wholeness and salvation (new life in the spirit).  We are called to grow our relationships with God and others.  We are all connected by spiritual energy.  To enhance our connectedness we are commanded to love God, love others, and love ourselves.  This love is not a self-centered request but a way for our spirit to become a centered self full of joy, peace, abundance and well-being.

Love is the key to a successful relationships and a happy life.  Not self-serving or manipulative love but love that sees in the other and in the self the best, the potential, the God given gifts.  Thus God is not about laws, rules or being perfect but about falling in love again.  I agree, it sounds easy but infact, it takes patience, practice, and perseverance to be a lover of God, others and self.  God ahead and be a lover.

The Mission of the Lahaska United Methodist Church is to be a Healing Community.  To witness to the message of Faith, Hope, and Love of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to invite all people to become the BEST they can be through Christ.

To Empower people to know Jesus Christ as Lord and to live a meaningful, productive and purposeful life in Christ through the transforming power of the Holy Spirit.

To Enhance people's experience of health, wholeness and salvation so that they do not succumb to disease of mind, body, emotions, and spirit prematurely.

To Experience growth in discipleship through community, worship, prayer, meditation, teaching, Scriptural study, exercise, good heath habits, whole person care and service to others.

To Equip people to make known their empowerment, enhancement and experience daily,

Our Beliefs:  The Lahaska United Methodist Church is people.  We are people seeking to live a life of the Gospel.  As we understand the Gospel, Jesus calls us to love one another, and to work together in community for support, peace and health.

In a society that seeks to be self-absorbed, we seek to break through that cultural attitude to be a people absorbed in assisting others to be their best self.  This is a continuing journey beginning in childhood, and so we seek to assist children with learning and growing in the love of Jesus, and invite you to join us with your children.

Pastor Roy

Historical Lahaska United Methodist Church, Bucks County, Pennsylvania (PA)